Wellness, delivered with peace of mind

Sazhie is designed to keep our clients & providers safe

Verified Clients

All Sazhie clients and Providers are verified, but Sazhie does not conduct background checks on its clients/patients.

Provider Feedback

We strongly encourage providers to report any concerns to our Support team, who will escalate to our Trust and Safety team as necessary.

Safety and Support

Providers in the Sazhie network can decline any appointment based on a Trust and Safety issue at any time, including once an appointment has started. Our Support and Trust and Safety teams are available when a provider in the Sazhie network is at a home, hotel, or workplace for an appointment.

Providers are strongly encouraged to communicate with Sazhie if they have any concerns about a client or work environment upon arrival. Once an appointment is completed, providers are asked to rate the client and the interaction. In addition, if a provider’s concern rises to the level of safety, the provider is strongly encouraged to report the client to our Trust & Safety team immediately by contacting Support by email to [email protected].