Sazhie - When Massage Therapists Compete, You Win!

When independent massage therapists compete, you win!

Sazhie is a network of independent massage therapists who blind bid against each other to win your massage. No more paying outrageous fees set by corporations; let our therapists fight for your business with their direct-to-you pricing.
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- Get bids from local therapists
- Review profiles & feedback
- Post questions to the therapists
- Hire the therapist you like
- Pay for the massage
- Receive your massage
- Leave feedback
- Build your feedback
- Post your next massage

We're a network of independent therapists

Sazhie is a network of independent massage therapists who bid against each other to do your massage. No need for searching on countless sites or overpaying because you can’t find what you’re looking for. With our therapist reviews, you will know how good each therapist is before you pick one.

Sazhie charges the therapist, not the client. You pay your therapist directly. We charge the therapist a flat fee of $25 for each massage they do.

Let our therapists compete for your business or browse all the local therapists and request a quote from ones you like the best.

Sazhie, giving you the freedom to get what you want, when you want it, from whom you want!

Sazhie launching in Denver

Sazhie will launch in our hometown of Denver, Colorado on October 1st 2021. We are using our wonderful state as our pilot program, then we will branch out to other locations across America.

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