About Sazhie

Sazhie was founded to address the challenges in the massage industry and to revolutionize the way clients and therapists connect.

Unlike typical agencies, we recognize the uniqueness of each client and therapist. We understand that, just as no two individuals are alike, neither are two massages or the professionals behind them.

Below are just a few of the industry issues Sazhie is solving.

1. Pay for Experience: If your therapist has been doing massages for 20+ years, shouldn’t they get paid more than someone who just started? We think so!

2. Feedback Matters: Many establishments don’t allow therapists to view feedback from other therapists about a client. We believe that’s a missed opportunity. Exceptional clients should benefit from better pricing, while those who frequently cancel, arrive late, or display less than courteous behavior should strive to improve their feedback score.

3. Choose Your Price: At Sazhie, therapists decide their rates based on their skills and experience. No company, including us, should tell them what they’re worth.

4. Picking Clients: We let therapists decide who they want to work with. Most places don’t let therapists do that, but we believe in choice.

5. Reviews for Everyone: When buying something, you check its reviews, right? We think you should do the same with therapists. Clients can see their therapist’s profile and reviews. And if a therapist charges more, clients can see why.

The most important thing at Sazhie? Feedback! Think of it like a grade. The better feedback you get, whether you’re giving or receiving a massage, the better reputation you’ll have and the more successful you’ll be on Sazhie.

For instance, I prefer my massages right before bedtime, typically between 9-11pm. However, with most agencies, securing such late appointments is challenging because many therapists are wary about visiting an unfamiliar location at that hour.

But what if I had a track record of over 50 massages with a perfect 5.0 rating? That would likely instill greater confidence in the therapist to accommodate my request, wouldn’t it?

At Sazhie, we’re all about matching clients with the perfect therapist for their budget and needs.

Jonas Brown