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The Auction Process

  • How do I get bids?
    To get bids, you click the link to book a massage on top of any page, and then you can fill out the details describing the massage you want. Once you’ve submitted it, it will be sent to all the local therapists who match what you’re looking for. Then, they can place bids.
  • What are the fees?
    Sazhie charges a $5.00 fee for each massage request you post.  This fee helps in deterring non-serious inquiries.
  • How long does it take to get bids?
    We send notices out immediately! Within 15 minutes, you should start to see bids coming in.
  • How long can I collect bids for?
    Your listing will stay up for seven days unless you hire someone before then or remove the listing.
  • Can therapists see other bids?
    No, only you get to see the bids of the other therapists.