How It Works | Sazhie - When Massage Therapists Compete, You Win!

When Massage Therapists Compete, You Win!

The first step to using Sazhie is to post your massage request. In the request, you will tell the therapists about the type of massage you are seeking, any problem areas you may have, how long of a massage you would like, and the time and location you would like to have it.

You can add additional notes in the comments box that you would like your therapist to know; for example, if you have recently had surgery or having back pain, etc. This is to help you get the most accurate bids.

Once you post your massage request, we will send a text alert to all of our local therapists, notifying them that you have just posted your request and seek bids. Soon after, you will start receiving bids from local therapists to provide your massage.

Remember, the cheapest bids are not always the best. A therapist with over 50 massages and a 5-star rating sure seems like quality to us!

On the other hand, don’t shy away from newbies on the site; the only way they will get reviews is by giving massages, and they might come in with a much lower rate to start to build that feedback.

When you find the therapist that you’re ready to hire, just hit the hire button.

As soon as you hire your therapist, they will get your contact information. Now they can text you to set up the exact time, give driving directions, etc.

You must have payment ready for your therapist to pay them directly. There is no fee for the client to use Sazhie. Please make sure that you have the exact amount if paying in cash or ask them if they take other forms of payment such as Zelle, Venmo, cash app - and don't forget to tip!

Once the massage is over, make sure you log back into the site to leave your therapist a review. This helps others who are seeking a massage to understand the quality of service.

Your therapist will also leave a review for you. The more 5 star reviews you have, the more bids you will get on your next massage. Also, the better your reviews are, the lower you can expect to pay as everyone wants to massage a great client.

Once both parties have left their feedback, then it will show on each profile. We keep the feedback hidden until both parties complete it; this way, one's feedback does not influence the other person.

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